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              biologist |science communicator | Writer

I am a life-long nature fanatic, biologist, science communicator and  rescue diver with a BSc (hons) in Biological Sciences. Currently I am completing an MSc in Science Communication and I work as an editorial assistant for The Biologist magazine.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to witness amazing wildlife both overseas and within the UK. This, along with a childhood obsession with  animals and nature, set me on a path to becoming a Biologist.

I am also lucky enough to have been involved in a range of conservation and outreach roles, whether it be hands on field work or writing.  Some of the amazing species I have been involved with include baboons, bumblebees and sharks. 

Over the years I have begun to recognise the importance of Science Communication particularly with regard to wildlife conservation - knowledge must be shared in order to be applied.  By increasing public knowledge and awareness of scientific research we can make science accessible to all.


My aim for this site is to provide a website that encompasses a variety of accessible, informative and stimulating topics for readers, all related to science and the natural world.